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Dogology Manners

Pet Care Services 

Drop-in Visits and Dog Walking offered in the Girard, Hubbard, Warren and surrounding areas. 

Pets must be up to date on vaccines.

Meet and greets are required prior to any services being scheduled!

Drop- In Visits 

Drop- in Visits are a great way to give your pet relief and some company while you are away! The visits are 60 minutes and include playtime, pictures and companionship for your dog while you are away!

Fenced in play time or a walk maybe included if it is appropriate for your dog. 

Dogs will be able to burn energy and enjoy the smells!

The visit can also include fresh water, feeding, medication administration if needed. 

60-minute Drop-In Visits $30 

30-minute Drop-In Visits $20

*Mileage added 15 miles and over from 44420 zip code*

Dog Walking Service 

During our walks the entire time is devoted to being on leash and hitting pavement (or gravel) walking.

This is a great way to exercise your dog and burn energy! A tired dog is a happy dog. 

30-minute walk $15 

60- minute walk $30

*Mileage added 15 miles and over from 44420 zip code*

Reactive Dog / Fearful Dog Care

We know these guys need care and love too! 

We have personal experience and professional training experience when it comes to handling these sensitive dogs. We also know how challenging it can be to trust and leave your sensitive dog with someone new. We are here to help!

Prior meetings will be needed before dog waking and in home drop-in visits with the owner present. We will work at your dog's pace.

The amount of meet and greets will depend on the pet care provider's discretion.

Please contact us for pricing for reactive dog meet and greets. 

*Mileage added 15 miles and over from 44420 zip code*